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Special addition: RedTalk on the situation unfolding in the Ukraine

March topic is Connecting with Our Ancestors

Check out one of our Favorite RedTalks below, & sign up to hear other Council offerings for the On Being Human community. 

Who are the most spiritually advanced beings on earth? Throughout non colonized history people knew who they were, and treated them as such. Reverence for forests and jungles has been a key part of most earth based cultures.

Respect for these magnificent ones is reemerging even in the mainstream urban world! Check out our whole section on the latest Tree data on Cool Stuff!

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 Natural Remedies for Winter Wellness 

Salves & Balms

Language of Plants 

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March-April Full Moon Forecast

2022 Year Forecast  

Rough times for sure, but there is hope yet. Check it out. 

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✬ Experience the timeless wisdom of The Council of Elders vast knowledge base.

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